Formulated by board certified pain management physicians, BeneRx MD products are the first
    pain relief cream that combines the wisdom of physicians, the power of nature and the
    effectiveness of pharmaceuticals.
    BeneRx MD products are safe to use for back pain, neck pain, arthritis, sciatica, cancer pain,
    neuropathy, migraines, musculoskeletal pain, post-operative pain, sports injuries and many other
    types of pain. The non-greasy formula makes application simple and effective.
    BeneRx MD products are the perfect complement to any workout regime including running, cycling, hiking,
    lifting weights, sports, and many other types of exercise. The combination of essential oils, pain relievers
    and natural moisturizers work together to enhance the recovery process.


After recommending several over-the-counter pain relief creams to their patients with lackluster results, Dr. Trevor Kraus and Dr. Darren Schuhmacher, both double board-certified in anesthesia and pain management, set out to create their own pharmaceutical blend to meet their patients’ needs. In 2019, Dr. Kraus and Dr. Schuhmacher founded BeneRx MD with the intent to provide products that satisfy the overwhelming demand from patients for effective, safe, high quality over-the-counter pain relief remedies without a prescription. BeneRx MD products provide reliable, patient tested, validated solutions with the knowledge and integrity necessary in the current market. Our line of topical pain relief products is unique in that each product combines the wisdom of physicians, the power of nature and the effectiveness of pharmaceuticals. We are proud to bring you BeneRx MD, a prescription for living well.

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  Physician formulated by Board Certified Pain Management Physicians

  100% THC free hemp extract from cannabis sativa L plant from organic farms

  Highest concentration of Lidocaine available over-the-counter without a prescription




High Quality Ingredients

100% THC free hemp extract from cannabis sativa L. plant from organic farms in Colorado. Our formula includes analgesic ingredients, antiĀ­-Inflammatory agents and essential oils.

Superior Formula

Our unique pharmaceutical blend boasts the highest dose of quality hemp extract with lidocaine and menthol available over the counter without a prescription. Our topical formula is non-habit forming, fast acting and non-greasy with natural moisturizers.

Proven Products

Clinical trials are continually being conducted in the following medical specialties with exceptional results: Orthopedics, Obstetrics, Dermatology and Pain Management.


  • “I have suffered from lower back pain since 2017. I’ve had three back surgeries to correct a herniated disc, plus a spinal fusion. I have constant spasms in my lower back muscles. This cream is better than anything I have tried. I am beyond grateful for this product.”

    ERIC A.Radiologist, MS patient
  • “I have rheumatoid arthritis and am in constant pain. It is definitely helping my pain and I will tell everyone about it!”

  • “I’ve had psoriatic arthritis for 18 years. This disease is especially damaging to the hands and feet and can be very painful with swollen joints. Prior to using BeneRx MD, I was unable to make a fist due to a swollen finger. Within a very short period of time after applying the cream, the swelling and the pain were gone.”

    VICKI S.Registered Nurse
  • “I did a 20 mile run this morning and worked out afterwards…legs super sore. I put Rx300 on my right hamstrings/quads and used another product that is a wax based CBD on my left leg. Major difference immediately with your product! Love the feeling of it and the Lidocaine is definitely the major difference!”

    JASON K.Physical Therapist, Owner of Corpus Performance
  • “The cream got here yesterday! As soon as I rubbed it on my hands and feet, it helped. My hands are normal again - no swelling. I can actually see my veins and knuckles!”

  • “I had a constant pounding headache for over 72 hours before trying the Rx cream. The cooling effect came as such a relief, especially before bed. Adding the cream to my temples and behind my neck relieved my headache for about 30 minutes without having to reapply - the perfect amount of time to help me fall asleep. Keeping this close by for any future headaches!”

  • “I felt like a new woman this morning! Seriously my rotator in my right arm has felt like I had an ice pick in it for two weeks. Not this morning! I bought 2 tubes and gave one to my parents. My dad said the same thing…AMAZING!”

    KANDI T.
  • “As an older tennis player with lots of aches and pains, this over the counter topical pain relief cream is a life saver! I use it on a regular basis. You should give it a try!”

  • “I felt a migraine coming on and applied the cream to my temples. My headache was gone almost immediately. This cream works!”

  • “I’ve strained my neck and shoulder over the last two days duck hunting so it’s working for me right now! It feels great and I really do feel relief just from one application!”

  • “I loved the lotion so much after using it on my sore shoulder that I let my mom borrow it for her arthritis. Now I have to order another one because she won’t give it back to me. Guess she loves it too!”

    AMY M.
  • “I did a 20 mile run this morning and worked out afterwards…legs super sore. I put Rx300 on my right hamstrings/quads and used another product that is a wax based CBD on my left leg. Major difference immediately with your product! Love the feeling of it and the Lidocaine is definitely the difference!”

    JASON K.Physical Therapist, Owner of Corpus Performance
  • “I put it on my hips last night and this morning and loved it! I usually wake up with sore hips because I sleep on my side, but this morning they felt great! YAY!”

    LINDA D.
  • “Ummm this stuff is no joke!! It’s amazing! I might take a bath in this stuff. Wow.”

    PAUL A.President, Dallas Tigers Baseball Organization; Owner, Elite Five Tool Baseball Academy
  • “This product lets me recover pain free! I love how it starts working immediately after I apply it. After being on the court all day I’m looking for something that helps me feel better and this does exactly that! Pickleball folks, you have to try this stuff!”

    BEN P.TBarM Head Pickleball Pro
  • “We have been using Rx300 on our daughter who plays volleyball. She experiences shoulder pain after practicing daily and we have found this product to be an integral part of her post workout recovery process.”

    Casey S.
  • “I have been dealing with neck and shoulder pain all week from a workout strain. I got my lotion last night. After two applications my pain is GONE. Holy Smokes. This is good stuff!”

    CINDY L.
  • “Y’all. This stuff is amazing. I am 100% obsessed. Helps with anxiety, stress, cramps, soreness, literally EVERYTHING."

  • "My leg swelled up pretty badly after skiing which took me by surprise because I feel like I am fully rehabilitated. I don’t know what’s in your cream, but it’s MAGIC!”

  • “Rx300 2x per day. Love it. Smells great and feels great!”

    BRUCE B.


No matter where you are we're here ready to help you on your road to recovery.
Whether you're ready to purchase BeneRX 300 or if you still have questions you can call or email and we'll get back with you promptly.
Our contact information can be found below.

Return/Refund Policy - BeneRx MD products are formulated with the highest ingredients to offer a safe and effective pain management experience.
If you are not 100% satisfied with our product, please reach out to customer service at 972-525-8515 within 30 days of purchase. All refunds and exchanges are subject to review at the discretion of BeneRx MD.

Customer Service Address - 8404 Sterling Street, Suite B, Irving, TX 75063

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