Trevor T. Kraus, MD and Darren A. Schuhmacher, MD

After recommending several over-the-counter pain relief creams to their patients with lackluster results, Dr. Trevor Kraus and Dr. Darren Schuhmacher, both double board-certified in anesthesia and pain management, set out to create their own pharmaceutical blend to meet their patients’ needs. In 2019, Dr. Kraus and Dr. Schuhmacher founded BeneRx MD with the intent to provide products that satisfy the overwhelming demand from patients for effective, safe, high quality over-the-counter pain relief remedies without a prescription. BeneRx MD products provide reliable, patient tested, validated solutions with the knowledge and integrity necessary in the current market. Our line of topical pain relief products is unique in that each product combines the wisdom of physicians, the power of nature and the effectiveness of pharmaceuticals. We are proud to bring you BeneRx MD, a prescription for living well.